Mittet Ribbon Murukku (Thinai)

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Foxtail Millet is a source of vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium. It also increases concentration and memory.

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Foxtail or Italian Millet called Thinai in Tamil is one of the forgotten grains that belong to the old Tamil culture.It is a staple food of South India and a perfect substitute for healthy diets. Foxtail millet is called Korra in Telugu, Navane in Kannada, Kangni in Hindi, and Kang in Marathi. It can be cooked just like rice and millet recipes are easy to cook.

1) Thinai is a rich source of phosphorus which is an important mineral for energy production and is an essential component of ATP- an energy store in our body.

2) People suffering with diabetes who switch over to foxtail millet have low triglyceride levels. Low triglyceride levels lower the amount of bad cholesterol levels.

3) Foxtail Millets has a low glycemic index and is a fantastic substitute for food and other grains. It increases the blood sugar levels slowly as energy is produced to perform functional activities.

4) The alkaline pH in our digestive system optimises the efficiency of digestive enzymes making the food easily digestible.

5) Millets also contains prebiotic which helps to increase the good bacteria in our gut system and aids digestion.

• Calories – 351 kcal
• Protein – 11.2 g
• Carbohydrates 63.2 g
• Fiber – 6.7 g
• Isoleucine – 803 g
• Leucine – 1764 g
• Tryptophan – 103 g
• Threonine – 328 g
• Lycine – 233 g
• Iron – 2.8 g
• Thiamin – 0.6 g
• Niacin – 3.2 mg
• Lipid fat – 4 g
• Calcium – 31 mg
• Riboflavin – 0.1 mg

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1 KG, 250 grams, 500 Grams

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